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Thanks for checking out my site.  Here, you'll find the games I've made, tutorials I'll eventually write, useful apps/scripts, and all kinds of other cool things.

You will also find my blog, which will detail progress through current projects, and there is also a gallery of pictures from various projects!

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Current Projects

Making my dream game!

Just today I started working on the beginning of my game, tentatively titled "Jack Rabbit". It is a game that I have had the idea for since last year, and have been steadily working towards creating.  It is a culmination of the various ideas I have had in my head for years, and will hopefully be the path to a successful (and if I'm lucky, very profitable) game launch. I even hope to make it a series of games! But let's not get too carried away.

While it will certainly be a little while before there is a playable release, I intend to keep everyone informed of the progress I make through it, with my blog I specifically created for it.  Stay tuned!

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